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International Crimes in Latin American Jurisprudence

Elena Maculan

A short presentation of the book

Depoliticizzare il sistema di giustizia penale? Un approccio “istituzionalista” contro il populismo penale

Pietro Insolera

Recensione a R.E. BARKOW, Prisoners of Politics. Breaking the Cycle of Mass Incarceration, Harvard University Press, Cambridge (Ma)-London, 2019, 291 pp.

Rivista italiana di diritto e procedura penale n. 3/2019 - English Abstracts

With the permission of the publisher Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre we anticipate below the abstracts of the works published in the latest issue of the journal "Rivista italiana di diritto e procedura penale" (n. 3/2019).

The fascination with violence in contemporary society: When crime is sublime (Palgrave MacMillan, 2019)

Oriana Binik

A short presentation of the book

Professor Muñoz Conde's Laudatio

Luigi Foffani

Professor Muñoz Conde's Laudatio held by Professor Luigi Foffani on June 25, 2018, on the occasion of the awarding of the IX International Silvia Sandano Prize, in Rome

The Conflict Between Criminal Policy and Criminal Law

Francisco Muñoz Conde

In Spain, the reforms following the 1995 Penal Code reflect authoritarian policies informed by theories of “zero tolerance”and “enemy criminal law”. Faced with this reality it is not possible to remain indifferent or simply to point out its existence