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Review of European Litigation

Publication of the first issue

Rivista italiana di diritto e procedura penale no. 2/2023

Abstracts - English

Wounds of the Soul and Imprisoned Bodies. Suicide and Aid to Suicide from the Perspective of a Liberal and Solidarity-Based Law

Stefano Canestrari

English translation of the book published by Bonomia University Press, 2021

Concurrence of Norms and Complex Offenses in Italian Criminal Law: Specific Reference to Article 84

Sergio de la Herrán Ruiz-Mateos

The complex crimes don’t have lost effect in Italian and Spanish criminal law. Their study remains still necessary and appropriate today. The appearance of diversified hypotheses of complexity attached to evaluative aspects forces us to analyze the structural and concurrent relations of this class of offenses, in such a way that the dogmatic rudiments with which until now have been faced with their application and interpretation are updated. In this sense, it is useful to examine Italian doctrine and case law that has advanced a lot in the line of what has been called here a double trial of normative concurrence in which the institutes of complexity and pluri-offensiveness are finally organized in a logical-systematic order.

How Can We Combat the Unethical Supplier?

Juan Antonio Lascuraín Sánchez

Italian translation by Cecilia Valbonesi

The Legal Dynamics of Disrespect: LGBTQI+ People, Hate speech, and Criminal Justice

Adriano Martufi

Reflections around "M. Pelissero, A. Vercellone (eds.), Diritto e persone LGBTQI+"