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Criminal Law and COVID-19 Emergency: Italian Reaction and the Possible Tasks of Criminal Science

Carlo Ruga Riva

The author reviews the urgent regulatory measures adopted by the Italian Government to deal with COVID-19 outbreak, focusing on penal provisions, and proposing a view on the role that penal doctrine can play also in an emergency context

WHO Guidance: Preparedness, Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Prisons and Other Places of Detention

We report the publication of an "interim guidance" prepared by the World Health Organization about the possible methods to address the problems related to the spread of COVID-19 in prisons and other places of detention

Queen Mary Postgraduate Legal - Research Conference 2020

Call for Papers - "More or Less of Law?"

International Crimes in Latin American Jurisprudence

Elena Maculan

A short presentation of the book

Depoliticizzare il sistema di giustizia penale? Un approccio “istituzionalista” contro il populismo penale

Pietro Insolera

Recensione a R.E. BARKOW, Prisoners of Politics. Breaking the Cycle of Mass Incarceration, Harvard University Press, Cambridge (Ma)-London, 2019, 291 pp.

Rivista italiana di diritto e procedura penale n. 3/2019 - English Abstracts

With the permission of the publisher Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre we anticipate below the abstracts of the works published in the latest issue of the journal "Rivista italiana di diritto e procedura penale" (n. 3/2019).