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Criminal Justice Network is a forum for the international community of criminal law scholars and practitioners  who whilst not necessarily sharing a common language do share a common cultural background and today face similar domestic or transnational problems: how to reconcile the need to effectively fight crime whilst observing national constitutional principles and international standards on the protection of human rights; how to shape criminal liability of legal persons taking into account both individual and corporate responsibility; how to successfully tackle corruption and corporate crime through ‘traditional’ law enforcement methods, preventative strategies and the recovery of assets; how to regulate criminal investigation techniques in the light of a technical and scientific evolution that offers new and extraordinary possibilities for establishing facts but at the same time risks compromising fundamental rights; how to uphold the general principles and rights of the criminal process relating to negotiated justice; how to ensure that custodial sentences use resocialization methods that respect the human dignity of the detainee etc.

These questions and others will be discussed on our Network, based on the somewhat bold conviction that language diversity should not be considered a problem, at least not for scholars familiar with works by foreign writers. With this is mind we conceived a website organised around three main languages – Italian, Spanish and English – but open to contributions in languages commonly used by criminal law scholars world-wide, such as French, German and Portuguese. We have taken a gamble on the fact that our readers understand the material we publish and can therefore discuss content in their own language in the context of an international forum.

The website features a blog, destined for online posts, ideally limited to no more than 2-4,000 words each, based on current criminal law topics of supranational concern.

A further section of the website is dedicated to the quarterly review Diritto penale contemporaneo – Rivista trimestrale, published on line since 2011.        

There is also a section dedicated to a new series of e-books, one featuring videos and another focusing on news publications.

Further details on the ideation and the development of this new project are available here.

Criminal Justice Network is owned by the association “Progetto giustizia penale”, based in Milan, and is published with the support of Bocconi University of Milan, the University of Milan,  Roma Tre University, the University LUISS Guido Carli, the University of Barcelona and Diego Portales University of Santiago, Chile. This is an open-access, non-profit website. All of the organisational and publishing partnerships are provided free of charge with no author processing fees. Data processing by Criminal Justice Network is carried out in compliance with current legislation and in particular with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) (please click here to view our privacy policy and learn more about our use of cookies).

Visitors to the site may share, reproduce, distribute, print, communicate to the public, search and cite using a hyperlink every article published in the journal, in any medium and format, for any legal non-commercial purposes, under the terms of the Creative Commons License - Attribution – Non-commercial 4.0 Italy (CC BY-NC 4.0 IT). The source, logo, original graphic format and authorship must be preserved.

Should you wish to publish a paper on Criminal Justice Network, please send an e-mail to editor.criminaljusticenetwork@gmail.com. The contribution will be reviewed by the Board of Editors, which will assess its compatibility with the topics addressed by the website and ensure that the publication’s minimum standards and format requirements are met.


Founding Members & Executive Editors

Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas (Universitat de Barcelona)

Sergi Cardenal Montraveta (Universitat de Barcelona)

David Carpio Briz (Universitat de Barcelona)

Jaime Couso Salas (Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile)

Mauricio Duce Julio (Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile)

Gian Luigi Gatta (Università degli Studi di Milano)

Antonio Gullo (Università LUISS-Guido Carli, Roma)

Héctor Hernández Basualto (Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile)

Fernando Londoño Martínez (Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile)

Guglielmo Leo (Scuola Superiore della Magistratura, Italia)

Luca Luparia (Università di Roma Tre)

Francesco Mucciarelli (Università Bocconi, Milano)

Joan Queralt Jiménez (Universitat de Barcelona)

Francesco Viganò (Università Bocconi, Milano)


Editorial Board

Italy: Alberto Alessandri, Silvia AllegrezzaRoberto BartoliFabio Basile, Hervé Belluta, Alessandro Bernardi, Alberto Cadoppi, Michele Caianiello, Stefano CanestrariMarta Cartabia, Elena Maria Catalano, Antonio Cavaliere, Massimo Ceresa Gastaldo, Cristiano CupelliAngela Della BellaCristina de Maglie, Gian Paolo DemuroOmbretta Di GiovineEmilio Dolcini, Massimo Donini, Luigi Foffani, Gabriele Fornasari, Emanuela Fronza, Novella GalantiniLoredana GarlatiMitja Gialuz, Ciro GrandiGiulio Illuminati, Roberto E. Kostoris, Sergio LorussoStefano Manacorda, Vittorio Manes, Grazia MannozziLuca MarafiotiEnrico MarzaduriLuca Masera, Anna Maria MaugeriOliviero Mazza, Alessandro MelchiondaChantal Meloni, Melissa Miedico, Vincenzo Militello, Vincenzo Mongillo, Renzo OrlandiFrancesco Palazzo, Michele Papa, Claudia Pecorella, Marco Pelissero, Lorenzo PicottiOreste PollicinoTommaso Rafaraci, Paolo RenonMario Romano, Carlo Ruga RivaStefano RuggeriFrancesca RuggieriMarco Scoletta, Nicola Selvaggi, Paola Severino, Rosaria Sicurella, Carlo SotisGiulio Ubertis, Antonio ValliniVito Velluzzi, Francesco Zacchè

Spain: Rafael Alcacer Guirao, Coral Arangüena Fanego, Teresa Armenta Deu, Lorena Bachmaier Winter, Carolina Bolea Bordón, Manuel Cancio Meliá, Mirentxu Corcoy Bidasolo, Norberto Javier De La Mata Barranco, Miguel Díaz y García Conlledo, Jacobo Dopico Gomez Áller, Patricia Faraldo Cabana, Silvia Fernández Bautista, Javier Gustavo Fernández Terruelo, Víctor Gómez Martín, Juan Antonio Lascuraín Sánchez, Maria Carmen López Peregrín, Nuria Mallandrich Miret, Fernando Miró Llinares, Adán Nieto Martín, Íñigo Ortiz de Urbina, Enrique Peñaranda Ramos, Vicente Pérez-Daudí, Maria Ángeles Rueda Martín, Dulce Maria Santana Vega, Jesús Maria Silva Sánchez, Inma Valeije Álvarez, Daniel Varona Gómez

Chile: Antonio Bascuñán Rodríguez, Claudia Marcela Cárdenas AravenaRaúl Carnevali, José Luis Guzmán Dalbora, Francisco Maldonado Fuentes, Juan Pablo Mañalich Raffo, Juan Luis Modolell Gonzalez, Raúl Nuñez, Magdalena Ossandón W., Javier Wilenmann von Bernath

Germany: Christoph Burchard, Luis Greco, Teresa Manso Porto, Nicola Recchia, Martin Waßmer

Argentina: Marcelo Ferrante, Ezequiel Malarino, Patricia Ziffer

Portugal: Pedro Caeiro, Paulo Pinto de Albuquerque

Peru: Percy García Cavero, Iván Meini

USA: Máximo Langer, Joseph Margulies

France: Raphaële Parizot

Greece: Maria Kaiafa

Luxembourg: Katalin Ligeti

Netherlands: John Vervaele

SwedenClaes Lernestedt

United Kingdom: Federico Picinali

Uruguay: Pablo Galain Palermo


Managing Editor

Silvia BernardiCarlo Bray


Editorial Staff

Enrico Andolfatto, Enrico Basile, Javier Escobar Veas, Jorge Hernan Fernandez MejiasStefano Finocchiaro, Alessandra GalluccioElisabetta Pietrocarlo, Tommaso Trinchera, Maria Chiara UbialiStefano Zirulia