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Michele Papa

Michele Papa (Rome 1959) is Professor of Criminal Law and of Comparative Criminal Law at the University of Florence.  He currently serves as a member of the Consiglio di Presidenza della giustizia amministrativa, (term 2018-2022, appointment by the Senate of the Italian Republic).

He was Dean of the University of Florence Law School (2006-2009) and Vice President of the University from 2009 to 2011 when he moved to Columbia Law School as a Visiting professor for the Fall semester (2011). He returned as a Visiting professor to Columbia Law School again in the Fall of 2013. Ha has been a visiting professor at Miami Law School (winter 2017, 2018), Stanford University (Florence campus 2014-present), Osaka University (Winter 2014),  Georgetown University in Washington D.C. (Fall 2003). He was an Academic Visitor at King’s College (London, 1995) and at De Paul University College of Law (Chicago, 1984-1986). Among his most recent  publications, in Italian, are the books Fantastic Voyage, Attraverso la specialità del diritto penale, Giappichelli 2017; Lezioni di diritto penale comparato (co-authored with F. Palazzo, Giappichelli, 2013); Crimes against property in Anglo-Americam Criminal Law (Utet 2013), and a large number of other articles, including essays on Cesare Beccaria (Criminalia 2015) and on Federalisation of Criminal Law (Diritto penale XXI secolo, 2013). He is co-director of the Italian Criminal Law treatise, Trattato di diritto penale, (Wolters Kluiver), member of the editorial board of the Law Review, Criminalia, and Co-director of the law books Series, “Quaderni di diritto comparato, internazionale ed europeo” (Giappichelli publisher). He has also been a scientific consultant for the United Nations and for the European Union Commission.