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Rivista italiana di diritto e procedura penale n. 2/2020

With the permission of the publisher Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre we anticipate below the abstracts of the works published in the latest issue of the journal "Rivista italiana di diritto e procedura penale" (n. 2/2020)

Call for papers in Cultural Heritage Law

Call for papers launched by OGiPaC- Legal Observatory on the Protection of Cultural Heritage Department of Law - University Roma Tre

Criminal Law in Times of Social Isolation: the Emergency Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic In Italy And Brazil's Criminal Policy

In the following pages, it will be analyzed how criminal law has been used and in what terms has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak in its first and emergency phase, comparing the experiences obtained in the Italian and Brazilian legal systems. In the end, some critical reflections will be proposed, with particular regards to the analysis of the criminal dignity of the sanctioned conduct and the typification of the crimes, relating the theoretical discourse to the real experience of the criminal justice system and criminal enforcement in this period.

20th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology

E-conference 2020 Eurocrim Anniversary Edition

The "Cinderella effect": the magic of a policy of criminal prosecution contra legem

The author disputes the persecution policy pursued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and the use of the offence under Article 318 of the Criminal Code. With a reduction ad absurdum, the author illustrates the lack of grounds and the negative consequences of such a policy (from such a reading of the law, at the end). The effects translate into an “administrativization” of the criminal system, discriminatory use of pre-trial detention, limitations on due process and the collapse of the whole system. The duty of dealing with this situation is entrusted to the courts, before the Constitutional Court itself intervenes.